13 July 2014

City by the lake

Take by GR. Again, dynamic range could be better. 

12 July 2014



后来那把茶轴被老婆霸占,又入了一把白色黑轴的TenKeyLess,一直陪伴我到最近新的伴侣出现:FILCO的Minila Air。

上:FILCO TenKeyLess;下:FILCO Minila Air

这把Minila Air是60%布局,比一个iPad大不了多少,通过蓝牙3.0连接设备。俺试了连接手上的设备(Alienware M11x、Macbook Pro、iPad Air和iPad mini),都没有任何问题。并且自动记忆最近三个配对的设备,非常方便。连上之后也很稳定。


缺点有一个,就是因为只有67个键而不得不采用Fn组合键来实现F1~F12以及Pg Up/Dn等功能键。这需要一段熟悉过程。




22 June 2014

Features missing in Simplenote

Simplenote, is in my opinion the best cross-platform note taking tool.

I'm a heavy user of Simplenote. It's on my iPhone, iPad, Mac, and the Windows PC at work. I find that it would be very handy if below features are added.

  • Separator within a tag, and allow sorting within group defined by separators
  • Share to Simplenote from other iOS apps

One thing Ricoh needs to add for GR

Recently several friends decided to buy a GR after seeing my pictures and playing with it. They like the fact that GR integrates a sharp lens, fast focus, comfortable colour rendering into a iPhone sized, ergonomically designed metal+rubber body.

However, one thing more important is that I have a secret recipe for the customised settings of the camera, especially the adjusted positive film effect. That setting produces the colour my friends like, and also the operation they feel convenient with.

GR is a versatile compact camera. It's actually not designed for point-n-shooter.

All my friends who bought the GR asked me to promise them I would set their GR the same as mine, so that they can use it as point-n-shoot, while still generating the colour they like.

Simply go online to those forums, you will find tons of discussions about customised setting of GR.

Ricoh, when these customisations bring added value to owners, why not add a feature to make it easier to share? For instance, sort of export/import function.

Special edition of GR, total unit for sale = 5000